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We offer a full line of quilting services, from edge to edge all the way to custom heirloom, art quilting, and wholecloth designs. Computer assisted machines, as well as freehand quilting is available. We have over 11,000 digitized quilting designs available, and custom design services available by award winning quilter, artist, & author, Jessica Schick. Click here to see quilts.

Prices are per square inch. Multiply quilt width x quilt height in inches, then multiply by price for quilting style to get an estimate of quilting cost. Minimum charge is $35. Multiple small tops can be combined if sharing the same backing.

Basic Edge to Edge
- Simple XL meander/stipping (example: about 4-5" openings) $0.01 /sq"
- Loose / Open Designs ( example:baseball size open areas) $0.0125 /sq"
- Medium Density ( example: golf ball sized open areas ) $0.015 / sq"
- Dense or Complex (example: quarter size open areas) $0.02 - 0.025/sq"
- Very Dense ( example dime sized background quilting ) starts at $0.03 /sq"

Semi Custom Quilting
Edge to edge in center of quilt, with separate border quilting,
or simple 1 design to fill each block with separate border. $0.025 - 0.04/sq"

Custom Quilting
Freehand or computerized quilting that that is treats separate
shapes in blocks individually, any quilting that includes stitch in the ditch,
small background filler combined with block, sashing, or border
treatments, any pictorial, thread painting,
or heirloom style quilting. Reservations are limited for custom quilting, please plan ahead. Starts at .04/sq"

Binding Services
We will make a double fold binding which is included in binding service cost, except for the cost of fabric. Customer may provide binding fabric or purchase it from our selection of fabrics. If using your own fabric, please provide 1/2 yard for any quilt that is under 25 linear feet perimeter, and 1 yard for any larger quilt. Any extra will be returned.

- Attach to front of quilt top only $0.125 / linear inch
- Attach to front of quilt top & hand stitch to the back $0.25 / linear inch

Misc Services
- Assembling the quilt backing (seam & pressing) $12/seam
- Pressing the quilt top (only if needed) $20
- Repairing of seams, reworking wonky borders, etc $45/hour
- Custom Design & Digitizing services $80/hour

We are happy to have your quilts shipped to us & ship them back to you. We will also pick up at Kunert Kreations in Gordon, WI, and we are located just 6 blocks north of Stitch Supply Co in Altoona so you can drop off your quilt top & go shop for your next project.

Prices include thread unless specialty thread or custom ordered thread. We are a distributor of Fil-Tec Threads and have many choices available.
Prices do not include batting or backing. However, we do have cotton, polyester, blend, and fire retardant battings available, as well as a selection of 108" backing fabrics.

Please Note:
- Backing & Batting must be at least 4" larger than the top on each side, so that they can be loaded on frame. Backing should be squared up. There will be an extra charge for adding strips of fabric to backing if backing is not as large as requested.

- Quilts tops, fabrics, and battings that are heavily perfumed, or smell of cigarette smoke will either be returned unquilted, or will need to be laundered prior to quilting due to allergies.

- Please let us know if you intend to put your quilt in a show, or have a deadlines that are not flexible.

- Typical turnaround time is 2-4 weeks for Edge to Edge, 6-12 weeks for Custom.

- Down payment of 50% or $50, whichever is less is required at time of making reservation. Complete payment of estimate is due before quilting begins. We take credit & debit cards, as well as Paypal, cash, & checks. ($50 return check charge applies)

- Ask about our "Refer a Friend" rewards. Earn $5 toward next quilting for each friend that also takes advantage of our quilting services. Friend must give referring friends name at time of reservation.

For questions or personal consultation please email jessica@jschick.com
Office Hours & Location: M-F by appointment in Altoona, WI 54720